Damaged Reputation
All businesses seek to maximize positive public exposure. A negative remark online results in a stain on its reputation. Like companies, individuals too have have to care about their web positioning. The first step is to identify sites that contain the remarks unfavorable to your brand. Simultaneously one has to identify keywords that make these remarks appear first on Google and Bing searches. What we do then is to measure the online authority that this site or sites have. We also take note of how mentions and comments on social networks negatively affect a brand. With knowledge acquired we have a reputation audit in hand and we know what we’re dealing with.Emergency Whatsap Hepline: 00923004221777

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In our time, where all information about everything and everyone is publicly available on the Internet, it can be difficult to control the visibility of the information. You may notice out of the blue that a bad rumor about you or your business has exploded or gone viral. It is visible on the first page of a Google search! Surveys show that 94% of those who do a Google search only look at the first page. This can be potentially fatal for you and your business. A survey by the YouGov * research institute shows that 70% will choose not to shop with a business if they find poor publicity online . Bad reputation on the web doesn’t disappear by itself and Google doesn’t “forget” by itself either. This applies to both good and bad publicity. As the vast majority judge from a first impression, the negative search results may receive undeserved attention. Emergency Whatsap Hepline: 00923004221777