Controlling your online reputation is important, whether you are a business, an independent or an individual. Most people use the Internet to search for information about a company or individual. Some negative reviews can actually harm your brand and put off potential customers or recruiters. On the web, a good reputation or a controlled reputation is an undeniable competitive advantage. It allows establishing a climate of confidence, to retainand sustain customer relationships or convince prospects still hesitant. But controlling your e-reputation can be a difficult task: no brand, company or personality is safe from a misstep or criticism. In this context, content marketing is proving to be an effective e-reputation management tool, allowing both to anticipate crises and to control overflows linked to a negative discourse.



To regain control over your online reputation, you need to put in place a relevant strategy. The content marketing must not only allow you to speak wisely, but also to build your image or your brand. Your goal is to become your own ambassador , while promoting interaction with your customers and prospects.


By becoming a source of trust and an expert in your field, you will be more able to convince your customers and prospects. This strategy can even prove, in the long run, more effective than a traditional advertising campaign.

Content designed to build and manage your online reputation can take a variety of forms: tutorials, blog posts, white papers, and even videos. Learn how to optimize your e-reputation with content marketing in 5 steps.



Monitor your search engine results for critical points

In terms of e-reputation, it is essential to identify criticisms or negative comments as soon as possible, to prevent their spread and the appearance of a “bad buzz” of great magnitude. You must therefore set up a regular watch (daily, weekly or monthly depending on your stakes and your notoriety). To monitor your e-reputation, you can proceed in different ways:


Enter your name, company or brand in the Google search box. Observe the results. You can restrict yourself to the first 5 pages because there are few users who explore more results. In fact, the first search results are the most important: they are those that are immediately visible by the largest number of Internet users. Remember to sign out of your Google Account if you have one, because the search engine customizes the results and the timeline can be distorted.

Use a standby tool like Google Alerts . There are a multitude of free or paid tools to facilitate the work of monitoring results. These tools are particularly useful if your brand or company generates many comments or opinions and if a manual watch is too time-consuming. The use of Google Alerts is very simple. Simply enter the keyword of your choice (most often your name, that of your brand or your company). You will receive an email notification every time a new result linked to that keyword appears.



Develop your online presence

Developing your own online presence, that is, publishing content on your behalf, that may appear in the results pages, is essential to regain control of your image on the web. Your goal is to keep your hand on as many results as possible. Thus, when a user searches on your name or that of your company, it will first access the information you have created yourself. Here are some examples of content that will allow you to cultivate your online presence:

– Blog : owning a blog independent of your website or integrated with it will allow you to win several positions in the results pages. You must publish articles regularly to maintain your position. Remember to use the tag “rel = author” to reaffirm the authority of your content.

– Social Profiles : Managing your profiles on social networks is an important part of managing your online reputation. Social media enjoys excellent visibility in search engines and frequently appears in the first results. On the other hand, it is essential to publish posts regularly to update the information diffused on all your social accounts.

– Press Releases : Use press releases to share strong news, such as launching a new product, reorganizing your company, or a new position.



Answer the critics!

One of the most common mistakes made by those concerned with developing their online reputation is to avoid at all costs responding to negative reviews or comments. Do not be afraid to express yourself! But be sure to adopt the right strategy and take the time to critically analyze the critics. Several companies have experienced the deleterious effect of a negative or even discriminating discourse, and have rebounded.
This is for example the case of the company Dell, which markets laptops at affordable prices. Netizens had fun modifying the first letter of the logo to turn “Dell” into “Hell” (which means “hell” in French). The purpose of this attack was to denounce the inefficiency of the brand’s customer service. Thanks to a rich content strategy, including the launch of a user, Dell has managed to break away from this bad image.
When a criticism is sent to you on the web, try to act diplomatically, even if it seems to you unjustified. Demonstrate that you are listening to users and respond to everyone in a personalized way. And when we send you a compliment, do not forget to thank your interlocutor!



Create content that anticipates the expectations / problems of your target

Anticipating the expectations or problems of your customers or the people you interact with will help you avoid embarrassing comments. Again, publishing targeted content can help you build quality relationships with users. To analyze the concerns of your users, you can go to specialized forums, take into account feedback from your customers or create satisfaction questionnaires . Contrary to popular belief, it is essential to encourage your users or people in your community to express themselves. Set up comment fieldson your site and an evaluation system at the level of your product sheets. The information collected will allow you to be proactive and solve each problem at the source, before it grows and spreads on the web.



Create your own network of influencers to broadcast and relay your content

Publishing your own content allows you to present yourself to your advantage. But imagine that a trustworthy and authoritative person in your field says good things about you: it will only enhance the quality of your reputation! Identify and contact the most popular influencers in your industry to offer to relay your content on their behalf. This approach will prove very fruitful and you will reach an even wider audience.

As we have seen in this article, managing your e-reputation through content creation takes time and a significant investment. Remember that with our writing platform, you can get a lot of quality content in record time!
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