Better to do it yourself than paying expensive IT professionals for reputation management of google links with negative press.

· Want to build, improve or repair your own reputation.

· Want to help a non-profit build, improve or repair its reputation.

· Are you just curious about reputation management learning.

Now you can master an extremely valuable skill set that is becoming more important every day.

What will happen after you take this course

You’ll gain a skill set that is invaluable in today’s age (and is becoming more important with everything that is going on)

You’ll go from being a powerless bystander to someone who has full control over the brand and image of your name or organization. You will never be at risk of being blindsided by a nasty surprise or unexpected event.

You’ll know exactly how to remove or drown out the negative search results that appear on Google and replace them with positive ones (so that search engines become your best friends and not your worst enemy).

You’ll know left not repaired results will remain permanently as Digital Heritage as a wound left untreated become a cancer.


Who this course is for:
Anybody who wants to remove a negative Google link
People who work in reputation management
People who work in public relations (PR)
People who want to restore their online reputation
Small business, online business owners, Writers, Authors, Public figures,
Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business owners

Training medium and Fees:
only 1000 USD Whatsap/Skype Live Sessions 15 Days one hour daily within your flexible hours.

About the Trainer:
Zamir Anjum is a Google Adword Certified professional, Reverse SEO expert with experience of more than 7+ Years. He has a list of clients whose reputation has been repaired and live proof of these results can be provided on demand.

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Call for any inquiry (no task is too small) 00923004221777

Due to the speed and scope of online and social media, it is necessary for you to keep a grip on and monitor your reputation and to manage it well. By measuring and monitoring reporting on online and social media, you can keep track of what others are saying about you. Managing a reputation is all about influencing targeted and making what you do visible. A reputation is ‘made’ by behavior. Not conceived. Online reputation management is continuously nurturing and directing the reputation to match the desired identity and to meet the expectations of the environment. With this you build reputational fat for the organization or your brand. It’s not just about putting out fires, but also about liking and sharing positive experiences.


Where the usual reputation management was still on the agenda, ORM Training is a continuous factor in your communication. It is important to obtain the correct data and substantive information from online conversations in order to develop an effective policy with an action plan for the tactical implementation of online reputation management. Strategy determines how professional communication is shaped into branding, issue management and crisis communication. But also how, for example, reputation damage can be tackled and repaired. The Online Reputation Management course not only gives you do’s & don’ts, but also a strategic framework with practical details. Various relevant cases that are discussed during the training will help you with this.

The aim of the training is to provide people working in communication and marketing with the knowledge and tools to manage the online reputation of their own organization or brand in the current digital age. This training is relevant for (senior) communication advisors, (online) marketers, crisis managers, ORM managers, reputation managers, communication managers, marketing managers and anyone who is involved in managing the reputation of the organization in his or her position.

Topics and lectures during the Online Reputation Management course

The ORM Training consists of 4 half-days. The training teaches you concretely how you can get started with managing the reputation of your organization.

  1. Reputation management in a changing world and building blocks of online Reputation management
  2. Listening to the environment, web care and internet crisis times
  3. Realizing relationships with your stakeholders and engagement with your customers
  4. Practical case: getting started with an online reputation management plan

Your reputation is everything! Everyone can watch how you treat customers via social media. Because opinions spread at lightning speed, they can make or break your organization’s reputation. That is why online reputation management is super important.

Register for the our training and learn how you can monitor and manage the online reputation of your organization with limited resources. The training gives you the insights and tools to tackle it effectively and smartly.

Study Material

You will receive a folder with training material to take home: theory, checklists and practical tips. This allows you to maintain and further develop your knowledge and skills after the training!

Online Reputation Management Training provided through Skype or WhatsApp Live sessions By Zamir Anjum Online Reputation Management Expert & Google Certified Professional, Call for Details. 00923004221777

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