We work quietly behind the scenes to change how well-known people are perceived online. We leave direct the public-facing side of publicity and public relations to others and instead engineer the medium through which publishers operate online.

There are many types and levels of celebrity, including executives, actors, musicians, radio personalities, podcasters, and more. Some are niche celebrities, and others are known worldwide. Each celebrity’s reputation must be curated uniquely.

For people in the public eye, being at the mercy of the Internet – where every step out the door can be a headline – means it takes extra care and vigilance to keep a good image intact.


Celebrity services we provide


      • Wikipedia monitoring for problems

      • Wikipedia editing or creation

      • Repair of search results

      • Removal of search results

      • Suppression of search results

      • Promotion of positive celebrity content

      • Image removal or suppression

      • Online content promotion

      • Social media monitoring