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Zamir Anjum is a Freelancer Web/Mobile UI Designer & SEO Trainer


zamir I with My team can help you promote your business through building your own Web Site on the Internet. Now exists a golden opportunity to market your services to millions of people throughout the entire world. Having your own web site means that your prospective target market can view your products or services immediately with a click of a button

My goal is to assist businesses, organizations and individuals in successfully establishing a marketing presence on the Internet. With my Team We are dedicated to establishing a high standard of excellence that defines the Internet as a medium for commerce.

I can provide you with various creative services to help your company implement an effective presence on the web. I assess your strategic business needs, whether they include e-commerce, a site starter or custom development and deliver real answers with a direct, professional approach.

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Online Reputation Management Services - How to Recover Damaged Reputation

Damaged Reputation
Any business seeking to maximize public exposure. And this overexposure results in any stain on our reputation online. On the one hand, some companies have web positioning and technical controversy.

The first is to identify sites that contain the terms unfavorable to our brand, and simultaneously identify keywords that make these places go first or ranked in the SERPs. That is, a site can go to certain search on page ten, but before another can go out in the top ten. Then, we must identify those searches that make these unfavorable comments go first.

What we do then is to measure the online authority that this site or sites have. An inscription on an unknown posted is much easier to neutralize a campaign that includes multiple entries in high Pagerank sites. Also, we must also take note of how social networks are mentioned brand in the negative. Given this list, we know what we're dealing with.

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Get Help Processing Poor Publicity Online

In a murder time where all information about everything and everyone is publicly available on the Internet, it can be difficult to control which information ends up on the web. You often notice it when the bad rumor, whether you or your business, has exploded. It can be dangerous that there is a bad reputation about one's person or business online - especially if it is visible on the first page of a Google search. Surveys show that 94% of those who do a Google search only look at the first page. This can be crucial, and potentially fatal, for a business to have poor publicity on the first page, for a survey by the YouGov * research institute shows that 70% will choose not to shop with a business if they find poor publicity on them online . Bad reputation on the web doesn't disappear by itself and Google doesn't "forget" by itself either. When you apply for a business online, any mention of the business will appear in the search results, and this applies to both good and bad publicity. As the vast majority judge from a first impression, the search results may receive undeserved attention.

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