Healthcare Reputation Management

Have you ever wondered why online reputation matters? If a great practice offers top-tier care, why are online reviews even important?

It’s because, according to my company’s recent, 81% of patients evaluate reviews before choosing a healthcare provider, so online reputation can make or break new patient acquisition. This is because online reviews help prospective patients understand the level of patient care the provider offers and help them to determine which doctors they should select for their healthcare needs. Healthcare businesses with a strong online reputation can also help curb a patient’s anxiety and send the message that they are to be trusted with their care.


How to deal with negative business reviews online

A negative review, customer complaint or a bad testimonial damages your reputation online. People believe other people’s views and trust their opinions. So if that opinion is negative, your business looks negative.

Healthcare reputation management is increasingly important for doctors, medical practices, and hospitals, alike. As more patients search for their providers online, it’s important to have a strong online image and presence – one that instills confidence in the doctors’ abilities.  Healthcare reputation management means taking control of your image and brand to attract more patients.


Bad Reviews = Bad Online Reputation

A bad business reputation will take you down. Make no mistake, bad reviews and customer complaints absolutely destroy your business reputation. When your business reputation has been damaged it is difficult to recover. You must take steps to repair your reputation and take back control of what people see when they search for you.

There are many different factors that you need to consider when dealing with bad reviews. We are able to remove, replace, hide and bury a wide range of negative search results. If you find that you have negative reviews, do not respond angrily and make it worse! Contact us now for a FREE QUOTE on repairing your image and getting back a positive reputation that you can be proud of.


Repair a damaged business reputation

You must take steps to repair a damaged reputation. We have strategies to fix a wide range of reputation issues. Contact us now for a FREE QUOTE!