Political Reputation Management

There are a large variety of sources which generate online content about Political Leaders. These include:


      • Conventional news organizations

      • Celebrity-focused news publications

      • Fan forums that discuss a given Politician or their work

      • Social media content posted by other well known entities

      • And many other types of websites

    Confirmation bias is our tendency to find, favor, and remember information that already confirms our existing beliefs. In turn, it causes us to pay considerably less attention to that information that does not support what we already think that we know.”

    Political reputation is less what politicians do and say, and more about what people want to see when they consider that politician.

    How does confirmation bias affect politics? If you are supporter of Party A, you will find, favor, and remember information that affirms you in your support of Party A. Your brain wants it to be this way.

    If you encounter unpleasant facts about Party A, you will overlook it, forget it, deny it, or somehow sync the unpleasantness of those facts into your overall support of Party A. You will support Party A’s candidate, watch news networks that support Party A, and attend rallies sponsored by Party A. Your Facebook newsfeed probably has a daily influx of positive information regarding Party A.

    This is how political reputations are formed and how they remain firmly implanted in the human psyche.

    Online reputation management is a proactive task that has to be undertaken over time. Even when the negative result has moved off the first page of results there is always a threat of it returning so to lessen the chances of that happening we provide a proactive approach.

    Even when the negative URL has moved off the first page of results we will continue working on moving the negative URL further down the search results until you cancel our services.

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