We can offer you reliable solutions to help you get back on track after an attack. But before that, we must conduct an e-reputation audit of your site or yourself to find appropriate solutions.


Audit for a website

      • Know the positioning of your site on the web

      • Know what people are saying about your products and services on the Internet

      • Analyze the strategy of your competitors

      • Analyze information and build an e-reputation strategy

    Audit for a person or a company

        • Evaluate your presence on the web

        • Know what is said about you

        • Know which media you are quoted

        • Analyze conversations about you

      What should you watch out for?

      Are we talking about you: are people interested in you?

      Who’s talking about you: influencers? Smbassadors? critic?

      What do you say about yourself: what themes do they address?

      How are we talking about you: are opinions favorable or unfavorable?

      Where do we talk about you: blogs, forums, social networks?

      What can we find on you: what do we see on search engines?

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