Google is constantly looking to be one of the most popular search engines for people. It will therefore take a number of measures to estimate the quality of referenced sites. Google adjusts its sorting algorithms several times a year by adding new and more precise criteria. Sites that are not judged to be of good enough quality against these new criteria risk a loss of visibility on Google and in the worst case, if the optimization of a site is abusive or very bad, the site can risk a penalty and be downgraded from search results.


The tools of control of the interest of the sites by Google

The ranking of sites offered by Google is not immutable because the search engine will work to optimize the answers to provide the best service to each user. The Panda and Penguin filters make it possible to classify the various sites efficiently. Google Panda will study the quality of the content of a site compared to a specific search while the role of Google Penguin is to evaluate the techniques used by the site to be better referenced. If one of the controlled sites does not meet one or the other requirement, it may incur an SEO penalty. A site owner who has requested a referencing against a request while his site is not finalized will then be reported, as well as those who use the SEO technique to excess so that visitors are systematically redirected to their site.

The different forms of sanctions provided by Google

Depending on the severity of the acts identified, Google may decide to subject a site to a referencing penalty. The site concerned can then undergo the procedure called Sandbox which consists of significantly reducing the ranking only due to the use of keywords and links. This penalty often concerns new sites in order to limit their positioning before they have proven themselves.

A site can also be downgraded, ie its position will drop in the result list after a Panda or Penguin filter.

Duplicate content may be heavily penalized with de-indexing of the page or the entire site as appropriate. This decision is temporary, the time that the site owner modifies the different items owned. Once the modifications made, it will be enough to ask again an integration in the search engine for the site to be rehabilitated.

The blacklist is the hardest sentence for a site because it means that it is completely excluded from the search engine. Even in case of search by Internet users in accordance with the content of the site, the site will no longer be presented.


How can I tell if my site is measured by Google?

Sites that think they are subject to a referencing penalty can already check the positioning of their site in the list of proposed results. A fall from its site can be a characteristic sign, especially if this fall continues over time. A search of its own site on this same search engine will allow to discover a deindexation, because when this decision is taken the site no longer appears, even when its full address is entered in the search engine.

A site administrator who will study the traffic of his site and note a sudden drop in the number of visitors can imagine being under the penalty of a referencing penalty. This case is still to be relativised because the corresponding site must be updated regularly and offer attractive content to keep their visitors. Quarantine for duplicate content or final blacklist placement is reported directly to the site administrator.

A manual penalty , imposed directly by a Google employee and not an algorithm, is also the subject of a message in Google Search Console (additional interest to register your site).


How to avoid this case compared to Google?

To be protected from reporting by the Google Panda filter, it is essential to have unique and qualitative content. It must provide real information to the user. The multiplication of advertisements is considered as embarrassing because it prevents a comfortable reading. Choosing a powerful site creation software will allow a minimum charge time that will be highly appreciated by Google. The multiplication of too many keywords will attract the attention of Google Panda who will isolate this site.

Google Penguin tracks the SEO achieved by artificial optimization systems by being particularly sensitive to content that contain too many keywords or links that open on other sites, on pop-up windows. A person who uses these means to raise awareness of his site could be penalized with a penalty SEO by Google which strongly encourages SEO .

Other algorithmic impacts can be avoided by moving away from sanctioning factors (single content, unhandled profile). To avoid the blacklist or the manual penalty, it is necessary to respect all the guidelines of Google at the same time and to avoid the sites with the illegal themes.4.8 (97.25%) 64 votes
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