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The Difference Between Art and Design

Art is applying oneself to a specific theme and bringing out a masterpiece. Art doesn’t have money as a goal. It is done either as a hobby or to represent a social scenario for the betterment of the society. Design is just the opposite, it involves a lot of money and this is done for the purpose of marketing a firm in case of web design or for building purposes where in the models of the building are drawn to scale and the same is built having model as the base.

The difference between art and design may seem subtle but the above paragraph would have made everything clear. There is actually a huge gap which can never be bridged. The fundamental purpose itself varies for both. Art is for pleasing people, provide them relaxation and bring a revolutionary change in the society whereas the Design is materialistic aiming to satisfy customer’s needs and reap up huge profits by this way.

Moreover design cannot be done without learning specialised courses which are offered in all the major colleges all over the world. Design involves learning complicated techniques which should be aptly applied failure of which will lead to drastic and life destructing catastrophes like collapse of a bridge. So in a way even if design is done for the purpose of money sometimes it is the constructive and innovative designs which make or break the world. Designs have the ability to change an entire scenario in the case of city and town planning where a perfect design is essential for a congestion free and artistic environment. While doing such designs things to be kept in mind are nature of land, Strength and supportiveness of the soil to hold massive structures, and invoking equal amount of greenery to the concrete structure to make the place a modern heaven.

Art has a unique quality of mesmerising anyone who looks at it, from a layman to artist. But design lacks this quality as it can be deciphered only by people who have learnt it. For others it is just a complex combination of lines with miniature writings. But don’t think art is a simple thing which can be created just by anyone. It needs a natural talent to create a masterpiece and a magnanimous interest even to create a small piece good art whereas design can be learnt and implemented by anyone. So art is all about bringing your mind and soul together and view the world in the way no one has dared to do. This uniqueness is what that makes the artists so famous and they are hailed for their works even centuries after their work. Artists travel a lot and make realistic creations of the situation present and the traditions in a particular region. When we see such kind of creations it gives a scintillating feeling of our self viewing the scenario in real time.

So art is a language of heart while design is the language of the mind. Artist can become a good designer but the vice-versa is never possible. Premium WordPress Themes  give you a wide range of WordPress Premium Themes where you can find neat code of php combined with artistic touch of Photoshop templates in form of WordPress premium themes..

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