Is it still necessary to call him back? High quality content is inseparable from the success of your  online marketing strategy . But behind this concept of “quality”, lies a certain subjectivity, or even an artistic vagueness difficult to decant. How do you know if the content you are creating and distributing is likely to become popular, improve your SEO and cultivate your notoriety? With an adapted checklist


The quality of the content, a major issue for your site

By producing value-added content, you can:

–  Retain Internet users  who will come back to your site more frequently. 
–  Improve the positioning  of your web pages on search engines. 
–  Make your company  or brand more credible . 
–  Earn the trust  of your customers and prospects.

But how can you create quality content? There is no “magic recipe” that can apply to every case. However, a checklist (or checklist in French) can really help you improve the quality of your publications. Easy to implement, it allows you to check, point by point, that your article, white paper or file corresponds to the requirements of your readership and search engines.


Why and how to set up a checklist to publish higher quality content?

The constraints of web writing are multiple. Achieving effective content creation has become a challenge. You must both write for your target audience, but also for the search engines. It’s hard to think of everything! With a  checklist , you are sure to be able to validate your content autonomously. By imposing this “quality control”, you have the insurance to optimize your production and to obtain the expected results. If it’s best to create your own checklist based on your business goals and specific expectations, you can learn from these few elements.


An example of a checklist to optimize your publications on the web

This checklist allows you to verify that your content is well adapted to your readership and search engines.


Is the subject and the way it is treated original?

There’s nothing stopping you from tackling a hackneyed subject, but if you do, try using a  new angle  to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Whether you use humor or irony, the tone you breathe in your items will make all the difference. Show that you have made the effort to look for an original approach or to put the debate in perspective to bring it new light. Avoid at all costs the plagiarism or the resumption of slightly modified texts, which will be able to penalize you for  duplicate content .


Is your text optimized for SEO?

Never leave empty the essential tags for  referencing  your content. Check that the following items are present:

– a meta description between 150 and 220 characters including spaces 
– a meta title with a maximum length of 60 characters including spaces 
– several paragraphs preceded by intertitles in h2, h3 
– a title framed with tags h1, including your keywords main 
– one to two internal links and at least one external link to an authoritative site 
– a CTA (Call To Action) encouraging users to interact with your content or to perform an action on your site 
– images and videos properly marked 
– an introduction and a conclusion


Have you chosen a title that accurately reflects your content?

The  title  is, without a doubt, the most important element of your page. You can choose to drag a word game or an offset effect. But do not forget that your readers (and search engines) will interpret your content as a whole based on these few words. Your title must be perfectly clear and “announce the color”. In this case, you will lose your readers even before getting to the heart of the matter.


Is the length appropriate?

In general, it is estimated that the  minimum length of web content  should be 250 words. But this length may vary depending on the type of content published. A product sheet will necessarily be less dense than a feature article or a file. To avoid drowning your readership under a mass of information, you can cut your large items to distribute them over several pages.


Is your content easy to share?

Adding  sharing icons  and links to your social profiles is essential to facilitate the distribution of your articles and blog posts.


Is the structure used logical?

Make sure to opt for a  funnel structure  : first introduce the most general points and gradually go into detail. Reread your production: does each part articulate  in a coherent way  or does the ensemble seem to you wobbly and disjointed? In the second case, it may be necessary to review and correct the sequence of your argument.


Is your content readable and easy to understand?

It is quite difficult to judge the readability of an article yourself   when one is the author. If we are able to understand the speeches we hold … this is not necessarily the case for everyone. There are tools that can help you find out if your content is too complex, such as the  Hemingway Editor, which detects your cryptic sentences and helps you redesign them. To streamline your content and make it more digestible, you can use bulleted lists and reduce the length of your sentences and paragraphs.


Is your voice clearly identifiable?

Whether you use the “I”, the “we” or the “you”, it is important that your readers can know who is speaking. It may be you (as an author and / or person), your company or a specific group.


Is your content incentive?

Content that creates the commitment  is further shared on the web and  social networks . You should therefore encourage readers to comment on your article and do not hesitate to open the debate. Do not be afraid to be contradicted: the most important thing is to let your readership express itself. Internet users particularly appreciate being able to give their opinion.

By following and adapting this checklist, you will soon see beneficial effects on your site. Do not forget that the  regular publication  of contents is essential to build and perpetuate your on-line visibility. It is important to bring the same care to the writing of articles published on your site as to those which have for vocation to be diffused on other supports (social profiles or partner blogs). Another way to get quality content and SEO Friendly is to solicit the experienced editors of our platform!
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