Reputation obeys the same rules as those established in real life. Indeed, a reputation is not built overnight. Having leadership in a given sector requires developing a personal style, a habit of excellence, creativity, innovation … Long-term work. 

Reputation management is a common practice in the business world because reputation determines the perception others have of society and the imprint it leaves on people’s minds. Managing one’s reputation involves efforts to build, maintain and preserve an image acquired through long-term work.

The reputation is built in the real life but also on the web, it’s called e-reputation, web-reputation, cyber reputation or digital reputation.

E-reputation management: manage your web presence

reputation can be summed up by the amount of information that exists about a person or a company on the net. 
It is much more fragile to maintain than the reputation itself, because internet allows the diffusion and the circulation of information in a few clicks. A hidden detail on a personal blog can pop up at any time and be exposed to thousands of people within a minute. A person who is determined to harm can do so easily and at a lower cost. 
you can choose not to be present online to avoid this kind of problem, but this strategy would cut you off from an important axis of development, internet offering real opportunities.

It is therefore important to set up a real internet communication plan and to make “management of reputation”. Like the traditional image of the company, e – reputation is built upstream. Prevention is better than cure because it is difficult to counter the massive and long-term effects of an attack on the web.

Search engines like Yahoo or Google build your profile online and every facet of your personality is ranked according to criteria you can not control. By sharing certain details of your personal life on a website, you take the risk that these elements are exploited out of context and do not work in your favor. The logic of robots that classify information online, is not always that of a human being.

How to watch over his reputation?

In order to save you the disadvantages of the web while allowing you to reap all the benefits, we have put together an offer that is based on several pillars:

  • a watch and detection process of opinions and opinions on the brand
  • an analysis of the detected content
  • a prevention and warning approach towards the brand / company client
  • a pro-active influence approach
  • defensive actions or responses in case of crisis or criticism ….

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