On the web, nothing is confidential. If your competitors do online marketing, there is a good chance that you find where, how, and even how successfully they do it … What to fuel your thinking and learn from their experiences before building your own strategy marketing.

Tools SEMRush type can spy on the actions of your competitors on levers pay (adwords, display, video advertising). Mention makes it possible to dissect the marketing of your competitors on all so-called organic levers – to understand media, blogs, and social networks. Here’s how to set up your monitoring, and use it to feed your marketing pipeline:


1 / Use competitive intelligence to sharpen your content and social media marketing

You have probably stalked your competitor’s blog. Maybe even his Facebook page. Do not worry, he may have done the same for you.


But, failing to have access to the analytics of the site or the page in question, it is difficult to guess which are the false good ideas and those which made fly.

When a simple count of “like” is not enough anymore, we must go to the next step: find precisely which posts have generated the most virality, find out exactly which articles have been taken from other sites, see what global strategy is draws from one action to another on the channels of your competitor. Mention allows to analyze this data in order to feed your own social media and content strategy.

And benefit from the experiences of your very dear competitor: a mention to the right influencer with the right content could amplify the reach of your post, a study of content that worked well could inspire you to create an even better version to get an impact most important. A boon when we have too many ideas and we are not sure in what order to test them.  


2 / Refine the brand messaging

Social networks are a gold mine to get a better idea of the perception of its brand among its customers. And the same applies to the brand of its competitor.

By activating an alert Mention on the name of your competitor, you are alerted to each mention of its brand on social networks. By sorting among the negative mentions, you can get a better idea of the points of frustration of their customers vis-à-vis their brand: delivery times, refund conditions, lack of features. And focus your communication where it hurts.

By adapting your brand message to better highlight the points on which you stand out, you can impose yourself as a real alternative to the eyes of your rival’s clientele.


3 / Simplify canvassing RP

This famous spreadsheet that will take you so much time (and trouble) to fill would have been much easier to do with a bit of reverse engineering. By highlighting the brand names of you competitors on all media and blogs, you can go straight to journalists and bloggers most likely to respond positively to your request.

Saving time on an operation as repetitive as an RP campaign is twofold: less time identifying different channels and journalists and a better success rate for your RP contacts. But this same operation can go even further, and reveal the sites where your competitor works his netlinking …


4 / Spot the best SEO leads

Put on your “black hat”: if your competitor buys links to boost his SEO, you will be notified as in his campaigns RP. Mention allows you to work on your SEO by automating one of the most repetitive tasks: identifying potential targets to solicit.

Same principle as RPs, you will know which blogs are the most likely to accept your request and have a much better success rate (anyway check the metrics of these sites with Moz or Majestic ). Another advantage: by analyzing to which pages and with which anchors your competitor optimizes his site, you will be able to deduce which pages are of priority business interest and on which key words your competitor tries to make go up the pages in question. What to give yourself some ideas of landing page …


5 / Identify influencers who weigh

Last advantage – and not least – reduce uncertainty on one of the most difficult marketing actions to anticipate: influencing marketing. If an influencer has a large follower base, it does not mean that your message will be likely to interest them. However, if a partnership between your competitor and an influencer has worked well with his fan base, everything suggests that you can also meet the same success.

competitive analysis

All of the followers are not equal, and to find the best influencers , those who weigh in your niche, the Mention spread feature allows you to see which influencers are best equipped to relay your message to users who are actually engaged – even on brand content actions. A great asset when you know the puzzle to anticipate the fallout on this type of marketing action …


Learn how to use your budget, and that of your competitor

So far you have rigorously applied the loop “test -mesure – learn” on your actions. By reapplying the same method to the actions of your competitors, you can multiply your learnings at equal expense … and move even faster in optimizing your marketing budget.


Working myself on the marketing strategy with early stage projects, the question does not even arise: we must also learn by carefully observing the choices of its main competitors. Abandoning one channel at the expense of another, rebranding, new partnerships are signs left by brands already established in the market allowing new entrants to use their budget better. Especially when he is small!

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