What are the statistics for?

If you have established an SEO strategy and lead consequently shares SEO , it is essential to know the consequences: the turnover, your Google positioning and traffic to your website. To do this, you simply need to choose and install a system of statistics that can accurately measure the impact of your SEO actions.

In addition, a statistical tool will also allow you to know the keywords used by Internet users during a search to go on your website – keywords on which it will be necessary to carry out an optimization. You will also learn where users access your website: search engines, directories, portals, social networks, directly. Fnally, your analysis tool will allow you to analyze the behavior of your visitors on your site: how much time they spend per page, which pages are visited?

Our Google Analytics Training

Positioning reports and the analysis of your statistics are included in our SEO services. If you want to take control of your own statistics in order to have an informed and complete look at the evolution of the data specific to your site and its referencing, Experts-SEO and SEO.fr invite you to follow a professional training in Google Analytics .

Our program

The Google Analytics training offers two one-day modules each (introduction and advanced training), to help you better understand and exploit the many possibilities of this powerful analysis tool.

You will understand the value of audience measurement and web analytics for better management of the development of your websites, but also the launch of effective and profitable e-marketing campaigns. You will leave with the knowledge leading to a good command of Google Analytics.

Subjects discussed

The topics covered during these trainings include (possible adaptations according to the experience and expectations of all participants):

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of web analysis, statistics, segmentation, performance indicators, limits,
  • The Google Analytics account interface, so you can get up to speed quickly with an overview of the data and reports available on Google Analytics,
  • Identification of high-performance qualified traffic sources (search engines, purchase of keywords, referring sites, social media, e-mailing, etc.),
  • Measure of the profitability of your advertising campaigns (example of integration Adwords),
  • Setting conversion goals and improving your conversion rates,
  • Development of personalized decision-making dashboards (examples) contributing to the improvement of the performance of websites and, more generally, webmarketing efforts.

At the end of these 2 days of training you will know how to follow the implication and the degree of satisfaction of the surfers browsing your sites. You will be able to define the first actions to be undertaken in order to retain your visitors or increase the chances of converting them into customers. Or initiate appropriate webmarketing campaigns for the development of your web activities.

Targeted audience

Webmasters, e-marketers, directors or managers of companies wishing to develop their internet activities, beginners in webanalytics. Knowledge of Internet programming languages ​​is not mandatory to follow this training!

The advanced training module is for those who regularly use the Google Analytics account interface.

training duration

The training takes place over 2 days.

Teaching methods

Individual or small group training provided by an SEO expert project manager and Google Analytics certified consultant.


The training takes place in virtual Class Room Either by Telegram/Whatsapp/Skype.

Presentation materials given to participants. Individual pre and post training questionnaires to adapt the training to the best, according to the participants’ experience, knowledge and expectations.
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