Forums, blogs, customer reviews: the spaces of expression multiply on the web. If consumers can express their satisfaction, critics can express their dissatisfaction, whether justified or not. That’s why it’s important for companies to stay in control of this talk .

How to preserve your e-reputation?


When a negative comment is published, it is necessary to react without delay. Still, it must be done in the right way. The rule is to always be diplomatic, while showing that you are listening to your customers. Do not hesitate to communicate publicly on the means implemented to resolve a dispute or the commercial offers awarded for repair. If you believe that the published comments are defamatory, you must defend yourself (with courtesy) by presenting relevant arguments.


Errors not to commit


– Clear a negative opinion posted on his site or blog: there is a good chance that your dissatisfied customer is expressed elsewhere and more virulent. 
– Publish an answer based on unfounded arguments (for example, to mention a non-existent contract clause). 
– Leave negative opinions unanswered: your disgruntled customer will have the last word and users will rely more on his opinion. It is important to consider the opinions of the consumers as valuable information, which will allow you to reorient your commercial policy, to evolve your products or to improve your services.


Manage your e-reputation


Managing an e-reputation involves identifying the contents of your company, publishing and monitoring responses. Setting up alerts (like Google Alert , for example) can simplify the work of detecting negative content. There are also specific monitoring tools, such as Webmii , which also includes social media publications.


Be master of your content!


Do not let others speak for you. Creating quality content will help you keep track of your information. On the other hand, you can more easily “drown” the deleterious comments in the pages of search results. Textbroker assists you with the creation of press releases , blog articles , social content or background files .

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