What was to happen happened: because of a lack of precautions regarding the monitoring of your e-reputation, a person or a company is tarnishing your image without you being able to act!

As soon as an attack occurs, you must analyze the type of attack: defamation (violation of the dignity of a person or the honor of a company), insult(contempt, outrageous …) or denigration (discreditation of ‘a competitor). You need to react quickly because damage to your reputation can have a big impact

  • Decrease in sales and turnover
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Attack on the dignity of a leader or the image of a company
  • Customer Reviews, Degrading Newspaper Articles
  • Loss of confidence of consumers, suppliers, partners …
  • Lawsuit

What budget for a Google e-reputation service?

Depending on the scale of the attack, the budget can range from 250 USD per Month for a bad word to 3000-5000 USD For Complete Project  : an agency charges its client according to the time spent on the analysis of interactions between users about you.
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