Why Adwords Training?

You may be wondering how to create, run and optimize an Adwords campaign? To become an expert in the area of ​​sponsored links, Expert-Referencement.com and SEO.fr offer you to follow a complete and precise Adwords training on the theme: How to create a campaign on Google Adwords?

At first, you can watch carefully this short training video made by one of our Adwords consultants.

With this video, you know a little more about sponsored links. But we push the training much further by offering you a complete training on 2 days of introduction to the Google advertising agency.

You want to develop your reputation, as well as your turnover? This training is for you ! But to make profitable your advertising actions, it is necessary to control a minimum the Google Adwords tool! You will discover the techniques used by Adwords specialists to improve the profitability of their campaigns such as the tip of the tag {Keyword} .

Our Google Adwords Training

Together with our Adwords experts, certified Google Adwords consultants working on the campaigns of many companies throughout the year, you will address the following points (with the possibility of adjustments according to the experience and expectations of the all participants):

– Opening and setting up a Google Adwords account 
– Objectives of a campaign to buy sponsored links, opportunities, competitive positioning 
–  Identification of keywords to use in commercial links
– Setting up campaigns, writing ads (good practices) 
– Research Network vs. Display network, targeting 
– Budget to allocate to a campaign (estimation of the cost of bids, targeting, duration) 
– Notions of CTR, CPC, CPA and Quality Score 
–  Optimization of ads and maximization of ROI (return on investment) campaigns
– Optimization of the destination pages and the website
– Concept of conversion funnels and optimization of conversion rates 
–  Measurement and analysis of the profitability of your various advertising campaigns (Google Analytics integration)

So many essential points and essential to know in order to better manage your sponsored campaigns and especially to streamline your investments on Google Adwords.

Targeted audience

Anyone who wants to use Google’s commercial links to drive quality traffic to a website. Knowledge of web programming languages ​​is absolutely not necessary to follow this training.

training duration

The training on the use of Google Adwords takes place over 2 days: 9 to 13h and 14h30 to 17h30.

Teaching methods

The formation takes place in small groups or individually. It is provided by an SEO expert project manager and Google Adwords certified consultant. Presentation materials are given to participants during the training


The training takes place in virtual Class Room Either by Telegram/Whatsapp/Skype.(redirection on our main site – SEO.fr)

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