In a still difficult economic context, the image and the reputation of the companies are stakes on which the consumers are attached before going to the act of purchase. Whether it is a TPE or an “installed” brand, the web can build a beautiful showcase provided you heal its e-reputation.

How is your brand perceived on the Internet?

The easiest way to find out is to type your brand name on a search engine such as Google (preferably in private browsing). If a simple Google search is not enough, it’s a taste of what people think and see about your brand.

It’s important to understand that your company is not the only one publishing content related to your business, products or services. Indeed, whether on consumer opinion sites (,, ciao, …), on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, …), on forums (,,, …) or blogs , users create a lot of content related to your brand. This content is also called UGC (User Generated Content) .

The Internet is a bit of a digital market place where Google allows you to access at any time what each user posts about your brand. In some cases, such as for e-commerce sites , the search engine Google has become a single location for SEO consumer reviews …

E-reputation watch: to find out what people are saying about your brand

One of the main challenges of e-reputation is knowing how to detect published information about your brand, products and services while having the opportunity to react accordingly. In other words: who says what (the theme), when (and what level of urgency) and especially on what tone. Is it laudatory, degrading, defamatory or just neutral, informational content?

Beyond being able to reinforce the listening of the discussions concerning you on Internet, the watch also allows to better know your sector, its evolution and your competitors ( sectorial and competitive watch ).

Today, a company that does not implement such a watch strategy has a real handicap compared to its competitors. You can find  our first tips to diagnose your e-reputation .

Master your e-reputation … or manage your e-reputation

Your digital listening established, available monitoring tools allow you to listen to your customers, your prospects , and to react in a thoughtful and relevant to what is published on the Internet.

Define its messages and its communication , provide an adequate response, defuse a conflict or bring information requested by Internet users about your products or services … It goes through different channels to adapt according to your strategy  : to be present via a Facebook page, respond to a Twitter post, take a consumer review page to respond to customers, set up a communication campaign on a given topic or bring customer testimonials, … are just some of the many opportunities you’ll be looking for have to bend over. This is for your brand to control the discussion areas that you have identified or created.

E-reputation: the next challenge for your company

Preserving and protecting its brand image on the Internet is a profitable strategy for companies . In addition to being able to boost your business, it’s about detecting and understanding the different web contents that affect your brand (watch strategy). Once collected, this data allows you to respond to users and adjust your communication strategy. Controlling your digital spaces also means being able to respond appropriately to the different content, feelings and opinions that users will post about your company or brand. Your e-reputation is already online, it’s up to you! Direct Contact Our Online Reputation Expert whatsapp +923004221777

We can offer you reliable solutions to help you get back on track after an attack. But before that, we must conduct an e-reputation audit of your site or yourself to find appropriate solutions.

reputation audit, reputation crisis management

Audit for a website

  • Know the positioning of your site on the web
  • Know what people are saying about your products and services on the Internet
  • Analyze the strategy of your competitors
  • Analyze information and build an e-reputation strategy

Audit for a person or a company

  • Evaluate your presence on the web
  • Know what is said about you
  • Know which media you are quoted
  • Analyze conversations about you

What should you watch out for?

Are we talking about you: are people interested in you?

Who’s talking about you: influencers? ambassadors? critics ?

What do you say about yourself: what themes do they address?

How are we talking about you: are opinions favorable or unfavorable?

Where do we talk about you: blogs, forums, social networks?

What can we find on you: what do we see on search engines?

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