The net offers unexpected opportunities but conversely it can be a source of very bad surprises for those who are not careful …  Many people or companies believe that what happens on the web does not concern them not because they did not choose to be there. Unfortunately, things are not so simple.

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The space of freedom that the web represents is that everyone can give their opinion, comment or resume information and circulate as it sees fit and without really worrying about the rights of reproduction or the right to image …

A cliché taken carelessly during a party or a meeting in real life and you find yourself in spite of yourself in the limbo of the virtual network … A “friend” who does not appreciate you and you are credited with a Facebook account spilling insanities … A company can be attacked online while it is not even present on the internet … 
For engines, the information is equal and a search can appear in first position as well information official comment posted on an obscure blog …


You are a company and the links that speak about you are not related to your activity or so by typing your name, we find information that you consider confidential … The dereferencing can help you to change the situation.

It’s about putting in place techniques that will position you on content that you have chosen to “disappear” the secondary information for your image or the image of your company. By creating pages or by being present on certain strategic sites such as social networks, forums or exchange platforms, you can manage to turn the situation in your favor.

In order to react in time and avoid a situation without return, it is also necessary to develop a watch strategy. Indeed, it is easier to react if you know what is being said about you than to let the information circulate without any control. Contact Our Reputation Expert whatsapp +923014188940 

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