With the explosion of social media and the speed of information spread, the reputation of your brand and your brand image are at stake in a crisis.

In these situations of extreme urgency, We supports your company and its leaders in several areas to manage a media crisis that regularly induces a crisis of reputation, especially on the Internet.

Accompanied by the experience of our agency and its consultants specializing in crisis communication, you can manage the crisis in real time with the right processes in all responsiveness.

WEreputation agency makes every effort to support you in this delicate approach that requires reactivity, transparency, listening and calm.


– Management of upstream and downstream information flows in order to be fully involved in the management of the crisis 
– Real-time monitoring  of the different impacts on the Internet (media, blogs, forums, social networks) 
– Treatment and analysis of the benefits of the crisis watch over the Internet 
– Rapid implementation of a response and communication strategy to guide the company’s speech 
– Production of positive content and response to queries detected on social networks 
– Prepare the management of the company to respond to media solicitations(construction of answers, interview techniques, …) 
– Legal intervention with our experts if necessary

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