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SEO 2010 Strategies

* Web search through mobile has become a potential source for SEO because today almost every phone produced has a browsing option loaded with many java and flash application to serve the purpose. This option was available even before two years but now with the entry of sophisticated mobiles with QWERTY keypads and advanced browsers like opera and safari the web search has been made more user-friendly. So the mobile web search has evolved as a gold mine for the clients who advertise their products and who seek visibility.

* Social media is another area which has a lot of space and opportunity to implement SEO. Research has proved that most of the time spent by teenagers on the web is in these social sites which allure them to be hooked up for hours and these sites have a huge response not only from youngsters but from people of all ages. This clearly means that If SEO are implemented in these sites then there will be sure-shot improvement in traffic and care must be taken not to overload it which will make the user ignore the ads. Strategic placement of ads is necessary for successful implementation of SEO. Some examples of these social networking sites are Face book and Twitter which attract millions of people worldwide and connect them. A famous joke has also been said "First most populous country is China, India ranks the second while the third rank goes to face book". Such is its popularity.

* Blogging is yet another way to make you visible and gain name and popularity. A specialised blog which has your company description should be created and this site has to loaded with up to date information and some contents which attract the traffic like specialised services which makes the customers come back and spread your profile to their friends and relatives and this is how a business grows. Blogs should be precise and clearly state the goals and achievements of the firm.

* Google's personalised search which was introduced recently has revolutionised the way of searching in web. Personalised search means no two people get the same result and the result which is obtained depends on the search history of an individual. Interestingly this has gained popularity as it makes the job easier but it has its own share of disadvantages as the user may not search for the same kind of topic every time and in such instances this type of search will bring headache. So care should be taken while investing in this area.

These are some strategies for SEO which when implemented ingeniously will never fail to produce results.

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